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    How to take care of polyurethane bags:

    Our bags that are made with polyurethane or ‘vegan-leather’ are very durable, and unlike real leather, they are waterproof.
    The best way to care for your purse is to be gentle and treat it like your other purses. When not in use, properly store it away in a cool and dry place. To clean any dirty areas, use some warm, mild, soapy water and a cloth to gently spot clean. You may also use Goo Gone or some rubbing alcohol to spot clean areas that may be more difficult to remove than others, and allow it to air dry.
    If there are any wrinkles or light creasing, we do not recommend applying any sort of heat, as that will damage the bag. We recommend stuffing the bag and letting it sit for a few days, as that will usually smooth out the wrinkles or creases.

    How to take care of faux suede material:

    For the faux suede material parts, we do not recommend using any water as that will ruin the bag. We suggest using a bit of rubbing alcohol and a cloth, and rub the affected areas as needed until the stains are gone. Afterwards, lay the bag flat and allow the material to air dry. While drying, the faux suede material may become a bit stiff, so you can use a toothbrush or a soft brush and gently brush the material dry.

    strong smell coming from bag?

    The smell coming from the bag is sometimes caused by the process of producing the bag or from the time it spent in the shipment when it was being shipped.
    To get rid of the smell safely, we recommend placing a dryer sheet inside the purse to absorb any odors and leave it for a few days. Alternatively, they could also air out the purse outside for a few days.
    We don’t recommend spraying too much Febreeze or other sprays inside or outside the bag, as they ruin the purse.